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Increase your Business Revenue

Partner with us

We partner with a variety of professionals and organizations to provide Payroll Services to their clients.  

Landmark Payroll understands the trust required to refer your customers or business contacts to another company. We work closely with our partners to create a strategic plan that is a win win for everyone.  


Partner Development Department

"Call Bill Sullivan to learn more about our program!"

(888) 220-0663 ext. 601


  • Becoming a partner drives additional revenue streams to your business without adding overhead expense. We make the process easy.

  • Our experienced sales and customer service team is there to assist you. We will enhance your current business relationships. 

  • Let us grow your revenue with our turnkey solution that will satisfy and benefit your customers. Our complimentary product line will increase retention and provide better customer acquisition. Let us show you how. 

  • We have been helping organizations grow their business. Let us help you reach your goals and grow your business.  

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