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Help Your Employees Save for the Future

Get The Benefits Of A Large Scale Retirement Plan With None Of The Hastles

We Do The Heavy Lifting

  • Administrative Compliance: Never worry about IRS or DOL reporting or compliance-we can handle that all for you.

  • Investment Management: We help you choose low-cost, diversified funds for your company's plan (self-directed options are also available).

  • Payroll Sync: We seamlessly integrate with Landmark Payroll to eliminate the burden of processing employee contributions.

  • IRS Documents: We prepare, sign, and file your IRS forms so you don't have to deal paperwork and liability associated with missed requirements.

  • Reporting: Get a 360 degree view of the plan from the admin dashboard, view reports, and see which employees have joined.

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Employees Can Save For the Future

  • Easy Onboarding: Employees can sign up in minutes-no paperwork, no confusion.

  • Easy To Navigate Interface: Employees can easily check their balance, change contributions, and update risk setting.

  • Built-In Advice: We recommend a contribution rate and risk setting based on each employee's circumstance.

  • Ongoing Support: We'll be here to support you along the way. You and your employees can email or call us anytime with questions.

Traditional Providers Vs. Our Fully Automated System

Traditional providers have built their business on administering large 401(k) plans. They have not built the  technology and automation required to efficiently run small plans. Our fully automated 401(k) plans can be set up online without ongoing administration and at about half the cost of a traditional 401(k)s.

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