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About Us

Landmark Payroll

Achieving Success Together

Founded in 2014, Founders Glenn Zapolsky and Chris Wilkin had a simple goal, deliver a payroll service experience that you will not receive from our competitors.  The way we do this is by getting to know our customers.  A live person will pick up the phone when you call.  We will be available to you when you need us.

Our goal is to Achieve success together.

We are often asked, How was the Vision formed?

While managing and operating other companies, Glenn and Chris used many popular payroll companies to pay their employees. They learned that as long as things remained simple, people would get paid on time. They found the services offered were ok, but they wanted better than ok.

After changing back and fourth using many payroll companies they still could not find a solutions they were happy with. Either they were too expensive or lacked any type of real customer service.

Glenn and Chris started talking to other merchants and found that many were just as frustrated  with their current payroll service.  At this point they knew they were not alone.

Then one day over lunch, they made a decision. “We know what we are looking for” Glenn said. “What is important to us has to be important to other people too. Why not create a company that will fulfill these needs.” 

That day over a slice of pizza and a coke, Landmark Payroll was born. 


The idea of a payroll company that looked at each business individually instead of providing standard payroll solutions

became part of the Landmark philosophy. A payroll service that knows their customers, and sales consultants that do not leave after the sale.  

Today, we are a growing national company that has its roots in fundamental values that matters most.  

Meet The Team


Glenn Zapolsky

Chief Executive Officer

marc jpg.jpg

Marc Sherman

Director of Operations


David Martinson

Regional Sales Manager

West Coast

Chad Pic.jpg

Chad Boyd

Regional Sales Manager

East Coast


Brenda M. Garcia

Payroll Manager

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