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Workers Compensation

Protect Your Investment

A Better Solution For Workers Comp

Let Landmark Payroll help you navigate the market.  Our expert agents will make sure you are covered with the best program at the best price.

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Do I Need Workers Comp?

In most states Workers Compensation is required.  Workers compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that provides benefits to employees who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses.  Each state has its own laws and programs for workers compensation.


What if i Don't Have Workers Comp?

If your employee gets hurt on the job and you do not have a Workers Compensation policy, you will be held financially responsible for all of the Employee's losses including missed work time and fines and penalties.  Don't put your business at risk, Contact us today to get started.


No Deposit 
No Down Payments

For a lot of small businesses, workers compensation is an expensive burden.  Most insurance carriers require that the business make a down payment then pay the estimated premiums though out the year with the dreaded year end audit always looming

With Landmark Payroll, we offer a simple solution to workers compensation premium payments

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