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Increase Efficiency and Consistency

Much of the onboarding process can be done before an employee begins working.  Employee onboarding is a comprehensive online way for new hires to fill out the necessary paperwork in order to start working. Onboarding allows new employees to review and complete documents from the comfort of their own home.  

Required forms such as, I-9 and W4 will be readily available for any DOL audit.

Are you spending too much time gathering New Hire information? OnBoarding can eliminate the paper process!


Benefits Of Employee Onboarding

  • All new hire documents are stored in the cloud for easy access

  • Enter data once to auto populate all forms

  • Save time and money associated with managing the new hire process

  • Guarantees the same work flow for all new hires

  • Reduces paper

  • Notifications to track the onboarding effectiveness of each new hire


Typical Onboarding Forms

  • I-9

  • W4

  • Payroll Information

  • Signed acknowledgement of the Employee Handbook 

  • Direct Deposit Authorization

  • Customize Company Forms and Procedures

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Non-compete contract

  • Company Custom Forms

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