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Reduce Your Cost Of Labor One Pay Period At A Time

Today's automated timekeeping technology is a powerful resource for businesses, both large and small. It is designed to offer exceptional convenience and to substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of administration and labor.

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What most business owners don't realize is that an automated timekeeping solution will often not only pay for itself year after year, but will also generate additional savings. These savings stretch beyond simply reducing labor costs. They include eliminating human error, reduced administrative time, and  time saved by staff members involved in the payroll preparation each pay period.

Reasons to invest in Automated Timekeeping

  • Eliminate hours of unnecessary and costly manual data entry

  • Minimize wasted labor minutes and employee time theft (no more buddy punching)

  • Increase profitability while reducing administrative time

  • Protection from labor disputes and costly audits by having proper documentation

  • Streamline time card management with automated time punch collection

  • Online reports provide you with meaningful data on-demand allows you to understand your business and department labor costs.

  • Reduce costly human error and employee dissatisfaction

  • Increase accountability and correct costly employee habits such as unauthorized overtime

Did you know?

The average company with less that 10 employees overpays hourly employees by $5,000 per year

Time Clocks for all your needs

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  • Biometric Finger Print Scanner

  • Ethernet Enabled

  • Pin Entry

  • Real-Time Data

  • Magnetic Swipe or Proximity Card

  • Ethernet Enabled

  • Pin Entry

  • Key FOB options

  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

  • 7-inch color touchscreen

  • Eternet Enabled

  • WiFi & Battery Backup

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